Goals and Objectives 

  • Encourage and promote the limited, responsible and discriminate breeding of Golden Retrievers that possess the soundness, natural abilities and temperament as described in the breed standard adopted by the Golden Retriever Club of America.

  • To promote and advance interest in the breed by encouraging sportsmanlike behavior at all events including but not limited to: agility trials, dog shows, field events, tracking tests and obedience trials.

  • Educate the public in the selection, care, training, breeding of Golden Retrievers and responsible dog ownership.

  • Promote and support the efforts of local Golden Retriever rescue groups.


  • Annual Specialty Weekend offering conformation, obedience, rally and sweepstakes.

  • WC/WCX Tests (Working Certificate/Working Certificate Excellent) along with a "warm-up test" the day before.

  • Certificate of Conformation Assessment is held once or twice a year.

  • Quartely meetings held in conjuction with a social get together.

  • Fun Days to relax and just have fun activities with our goldens.