Sandlapper GRC 2023 Awards Policy
To recognize all Golden Retrievers owned by club members who have achieved an AKC or GRCA title or certificate during the club qualification period; to celebrate member participation in dog sports and to recognize their dog’s achievements.

*applies to Sandlapper GRC members in good standing, who have been members of the club for at least 6 months of the year, and who have actively participated in Club functions and activities.
*applies to Golden Retrievers only who are owned by and live with a club member; dogs that are co-owned by members must physically reside with the member in order to be eligible for an award or award must have been completed in its entirety by club member/co-owner.

*applications for all awards must be submitted on the form available on the club website. The form may be completed either electronically or typed, and mailed. Documentation in the form of a photo, a scan, or a copy of all certificates, letters of invitation, etc. must accompany the application. Lacking availability due to timing of award earned will be handled on a case by case basis. Documentation is requested not only as proof of the award but most importantly to ascertain the correct spelling for the engraving of the award plaque.
*awards will be presented at the annual meeting. Members receiving awards who are not present at the meeting will need to make arrangements with the chair of the awards committee to have their award mailed to them, at their expense.

Awards and Costs
*each dog's initial title(s) will be honored with a special engraved plaque. The club will contribute $20 towards the cost of each and members will contribute the difference.
*in subsequent years, the club will provide at its own cost an engraved bar with additional titles for the same dog, one for each year, marking the dog’s progress.

Special Awards
*dogs achieving titles or recognition at the highest levels will be honored with a special award. These achievements include SDHF, OTCH/ODHF, MACH/PACH/ADHF, CT, MH (or higher), qualifying for the National Obedience Championship, Rally National Championship or an invitation to the Master National or Master Amateur, or an invitation to the GRCA Top 20.